Massage fusion

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Massage fusion

90min Se detaljer

Massage Fusion is a deep and intensive massage, being massaged in this style is an active process. You will work with the therapist in establishing the level and depth to which the massage can be taken, this intensity is likely to deepen with ongoing treatment. The results are incredible as tension is eliminated from the body. Mind and body are free from tension and re-energized. We recommend min. 3 massage sessions for optimal results but after the 1st session, you will feel just fantastic! Sport and Swedish massage techniques are used, also Thai stretching techniques and hot bamboos.

800 DKK

Fysiurgisk massage med varm bambus

650 DKK

Sport Massage

60min Se detaljer

Sports massage therapy is a more focused deep tissue massage and may focus on a certain area of the body. It uses a combination of deep and light modalities to loosen muscle knots, percussive therapy is included and this improves blood flow and prevents lactic acid buildup. Doms.

650 DKK


Bookings Massage Fusion hjælper dig med dine smerter. Hvis du oplever smerter i lænd, hovedpine, muskelspændinger, musearm,  nakkespændinger, kan det ofte stamme fra, at du udsættes for belastende eller forkerte arbejdsstillinger men også overbelastning efter sports. Massagebehandlinger har også en possitiv effekt på ens blodtryk og immunforsvar Massage har også en positiv virkning på kroppens nervesystem. Det er derfor, at massage virker beroligende, afstressende og stimulerende. As a massage therapist, I am constantly searching for new techniques that can help me develop my therapies. I have created my own deep tissue massage technique called massage fusion including Thai protocols and the use of hot bamboo, cupping, and sports massage. All my therapies are adapted to your needs, every single Therapy is unique and is created especially for you. I speak Spanish, Italian, Danish, and English.


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